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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a wait list for admission to your center?
We maintain a waiting list of families who show their interest in us if classes are full. At the time of a new opening, we contact them. You can enroll with us by giving us your child’s details, and we will get back to you.

What is the normal class size like?
Generally, a Pre-kindergarten class can have up to 12 students, but in our younger classes the class is limited to 10 students.

What would be the curriculum for my child?
At Sunshine Preschool, we do not believe in creating a generalized curriculum. Every child is special in his/her own sense. We observe a child and then design a curriculum, keeping in mind individual needs. However, we do follow Ohio Earling Learning Content Standard guidelines to develop a creative curriculum. We ensure a healthy balance between learning and fun.

We allow children the freedom to explore the activity centers in their own way. The different activities that we have encourage a child to explore and enhance different skills. The centers are created by the teachers to reflect the theme within the curriculum.

How secure is your Center for my child?
We are a close-knit family that is bound by a secure building. Even the playground is safe for your child. The doors are locked during the school day, except at drop-off and pick-up. We request picture ID for any person picking up a child and will only release to persons the family lists on the registration papers.

What do you do if my child is sick?
Our health policy does not allow us to cater to children who are ill. This is for the sake of the health of other children and staff on the premises. You are immediately informed on phone, and requested to take your child home as soon as possible in such a situation.

What will my child have for lunch at your center?
The preschool  provides a third of the snacks during the school year. We gratefully accept donations from the students' families for the remaining two thirds, especially birthday treats and holiday party refreshments. We emphasize on healthy items such as fruits, vegetables, bagels, dairy products, muffins and crackers. And we also try to initiate new eating habits in children – giving them an opportunity to try new things.

In case a child has food allergies,  we request parents to provide some safe food items to keep on hand.

On what days is your center closed?
We are closed on the following days every year: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, President’s Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving Day,  and Christmas Day. We are also closed for additional days around the Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter holidays. A complete listing can be found on "Important Dates" under the calendar tab on the Home Page.

Do you reimburse for the days my child is absent?
No, we charge full monthly fee even if your child is absent. This is  because the staff and other facilities are continually being used. However, in case your child is absent for an extended period, the tuition may be pro-rated by prior agreement. In the case of the preschool being closed for inclement weather, we will issue a small ($5) refund to student's families who have had 5 classes cancelled, as well as a make up day.

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