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Child Care Programs – Preschoolers

At Sunshine Preschool we provide a conducive environment for the growth of your child. The toddler program comprises a fun-based curriculum which ensures that your sweetheart enjoys whatever he/she does at our center.

We make sure that while your toddler is having fun, he/she is also learning different skills. Our experienced staff will respond proactively to your toddler’s physical and emotional needs and help him/her grow as an individual. Instilling a sense of self-trust in your toddler, we will gently encourage the little one to explore things on his/her own.

We will also engage your toddler in stimulating activities to enhance current skills, and learn new ones. The toddler program at Sunshine Preschool facilitates logical thinking and imagination in your child. Your child will thus become more creative and expressive, and experience a sense of accomplishment at the same time.

At Sunshine Preschool, your toddler will blossom into a warm, friendly, and social being. Find out more!

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